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About All India Radio

All India Radio today has a network of 232 broadcasting centres with 149 medium frequency(MW), 54 high frequency (SW) and 171 FM transmitters. The coverage is 91.79% of the area , serving 99.14% of the people in the largest democracy of the world. AIR covers 24 Languages and 146 dialects in home services. In Externel services, it covers 27 languages; 17 national and 10 foreign languages. 

Radio Channels

Medium Wave Service
Station Frequency (KHz.)   F.M. Service Station Frequency
( MHz.)
Delhi 'C'1368219.3   Ahmedabad 96.7
Dharwad 'B'1350222.2   allahabad 100.3
Cuttack 'B'1314228.3   Bangalore 102.9
Jaipur 'B'1269236.4   Bhopal 103.5
Kanpur1449207.0   Chandigarh 103.1
Kozhikode 'B'1431209.6   Dharwad 103.0
Mumbai 'C'1188252.5   Guwahati 100.8
Varanasi 'B'1602187.2   Hyderabad 102.8
Jalandhar 'C'1350222.2   Indore 101.6
Chennai 'C'783383.1   Jabalpur 100.8
Kolkata 'C'1323226.7   Jaipur'B' 100.3
Lucknow 'C'1278234.7   Jammu 'B' 104.5
Panaji 'B'1539194.9   Jamshedpur 100.8
Vijayawada 'B'1503199.7   Visakhapatnam 102.0
      Jodhpur 102.1
      Kochi 'B' 107.5
      Kozhikode 103.6
    Nagpur 100.6
      Patna 102.5
      Pune 101.0
      Rajkot 95.8
      Ranchi 103.3
      Siliguri 101.4
      Srinagar 102.6
      Surat 101.1
      Thiruvananthapuram 101.9
      Vadodara 93.9

Media Solutions for Broadcasting in India

We believe in helping our clients achieve their mode of communication with influential media productions solution that are both efficient and cost effective. We believe in long-term relationships with our clients and settle for nothing less than the highest levels of client satisfaction. Our creative experience and technical expertise produce content that will motivate the audience through an audio and visual journey, allowing them to maintain focus, stimulate their interest, educate and command their attention.

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